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Phoenix Scottsdale Travertine & Marble Limestone Tile Design Supplier

Authentic Durango Stone™  is Scottsdale- Phoenix top travertine and marble limestone tile supplier.

white marble tile floors

Your experience, style and professionalism are the reason your clients choose to work with you. You will create a beautiful space for their daily living experience and pleasure. Your stone supplier must live up to your design representations and reputation.

travertine tile kitchen designs

Design clients want the best. Though many customers may focus on the price of a project, as a professional, you know that true value and peace of mind comes from:

    Pride of ownership

    Uncompromised luxury

    Truly premium appearance and performance

    World standard in custom production

    Unparalleled lasting beauty

    Unmatched durability

    Easily cleanable, maintainable material

    Economic security, investment value

    Product guarantee

Does the stone supplier you now specify, deliver 100% of the above list? Do their products have a difference your clients can see and feel? Do you have confidence that the samples you show your clients will accurately represent the final product upon installation?  To view the extensive selection of high quality travertine and  marble limestone tile Authentic Durango Stone™  has to offer, please visit our website @ http://www.durangostone.com/products/Tile/

travertine marble tiles

If you cannot answer “Yes” to all of the questions above, it is time for you and your clients to experience the reliable quality of the Authentic Advantage first hand.

Allow the power of dealing direct with the quarries and factories to bring profit to your bottom line and value to your clients.

Call (602) 438-1001 and ask for your Client Development Manager to help you give your clients what they want!

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Frank Cunnigham

President and CEO