The Authentic Durango Stone Story

Our rich history in the natural stone business

_DSC2549RGBsfwMy name is Frank Cunningham; I am the founder and President of  the World Wide Stone Corpoation, quarriers and producers of Authentic Durango Stone. My years in the stone began in 1972 when an acquaintance hired me to be the helper on a stone installation. That experience was deeply gratifying and a passion for stone was born. In those days natural stone was almost unknown in the USA marketplace. Therefore few companies existed that stocked or imported stone and the ones that did exist were tiny with little to offer.


Italy Map

One day a client, Dr. Justi, who was a professor at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ requested a stone called Statuary White for his home. The Professor explained that he was from Carrara, Italy and that a mountain of white marble existed there. The USA importers knew nothing about this material, which is common knowledge today. When I told Dr. Justi the stone was not available in the USA, he insisted that I go to Italy, to acquire his childhood stone, a representation of his roots. That is exactly what I did.


TivoliThe experience cemented my love of stone, its importance in the history of the human race and the joy and permanence of living with material that was only afforded Kings for centuries. Dr. Justi was delighted and his actions caused me to meet “old timers” in the Italian stone industry who had never seen or known an American. They were dreaming of the opportunities in the USA and saw me as their ticket to the market.

Their enthusiasm caused them to back me with money and a world of stone knowledge previously unavailable. Together we did many great projects and supplied thousands of containers of stone over the years.


My dream was to produce dimensional stone as good as or better than my Italian mentors and I am proud to say we have accomplished this goal with the creation of Authentic Durango Stone more than 25 years ago.

3 tilesSince 1989, millions of square feet of tiles, slabs, wall cladding, columns, balustrades, baseboards, stair treads, pool coping and more have been produced and sold to thousands of deeply satisfied clients who have requested the stone by name over and over again.

As a result,  hundreds of stone sellers acting as our Authorized Dealers having made their businesses flourish by selling our material, which is always delivered as represented by accurate displays in their showrooms.


DurangoQuarryWe now have three factories and four quarries located in the country of Mexico, where Authentic Durango Stone is produced. Today we are 147 dedicated individuals who are taking the “state of the art “ Italian machinery and making what is literally the finest quality marble limestone that has ever been produced. Yes, the best in the world is coming from Mexico, crafted by Mexican artisans who show respect for the stone and the end user.


Our factory workers are all from Durango, Mexico where our factories reside and each of them is a well paid stone professional that takes great pride in their work. As a company we take great satisfaction and personal responsibility in ensuring that only top of the line stone delivered with reliable quality comes from our efforts.

Factory B-2

The first factory was purchased in 1988 and completely rebuilt by 1993. Then each year, due to expanding demand for better stone, we expanded. The Ancient plant #2, went on line in 1994 and was itself expanded several times. Our 3rd plant was built to produce slabs, along with custom architectural features in late 1999 and has expanded every year since. All of our state of the art Italian machinery is kept in new, working condition and adding updated machinery machines is a part of our cycle of business.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the 22 years we have spent building our stone production operations, we have invested a total of $17,000,000 into the quarries, machinery, buildings, infrastructure and heavy earth moving equipment. Click this link to see video of our Mexico team and factories in action. Over 12,000 stone factories worldwide have literally copied our line, even our style, names of products, including our trademarked name Durango Stone in an attempt to confuse the market buyers and yet there is still only one, Authentic Durango Stone.

Value is our promise. Recognizing the features of the product, which deliver clear benefits, as compared with price, is how value is determined. For example, our triple-honed tiles with resin-fill provide a cleanable and beautiful finish that lasts a lifetime. Lower value, lower priced materials are available, but we never allow those products to be sold or represented as Authentic Durango Stone.

Vein Cut Living Room 2Authentic Durango Stone is always the top quality that modern technology and dedicated stone working professionals are able to create. The joy of quality delivers long term satisfaction for the clients and stone professionals who select it and we are all proud to have contributed to the beauty of thousands of residential projects. From mansions to tract homes, your homes are your castles and at World Wide Stone Corporation, we respect the trust you place in us. 

Know that when you buy the best, you will receive the best and with evidence of the love and dedication that has brought it to you. 





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