Contemporary design and architecture leans heavily toward specifications for tile in white and gray colorations. Our modern stone selections like Perle’ Blanc limestone, Vintage Vein-Cut tile and Glacier White marble have answered the call, but now we have one more material that is going to make professionals working in this style very happy.

Antiqued Photo 1Introducing Veracruz Antiqued marble limestone.

Upon hearing the name you may be asking how something Antiqued can be considered a modern design element, but prepare to be amazed.

This is our whitest tonality of Authentic Durango Stone and is perfect for interior or exterior installations, due to its unique features.

First of all, we use state of the art technology at our stone quarries to select only the finest Veracruz block that will be cut to tile size.

Starting with premium raw materials, produces superior stone design elements.



Antiqued Photo 3Next we subject the tiles to a copper shot blasting process in which small fragments of copper slag are projected at the stone by high pressure machines, creating a unique tile surface that is textured, yet not full of voids.

This makes Veracruz Antiqued easier to keep clean over the lifetime of the installation, if properly sealed.

The Antiqued finish also provides a more slip resistant surface that allows for greater friction when the tile comes into contact with water.




Antiqued Photo 2That means this selection of Veracruz can be applied to bathroom floors, pool decks and more to create a beautiful and safe space for many activities.

Adding the Antiqued option to your Veracruz orders will produce a generally lighter coloration to meet the needs of projects where such muted tones are desired.

We hope your interest is piqued by the look of  Veracruz Antiqued marble limestone.

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