Cascade Designs for The Modern look

A new, contemporary offering

Contemporary design in natural stone just got a boost. These Mosaic Meshmount Cascade designs are a modern tile trend you’ll want to be a part of.

Cascade Petite

2.5mm Strips

Cascade Mosaic Meshmount Backsplash Tile

Cascade Petite Mosaic Meshmount 2.5mm

Cascade Medio

5mm Strips

Cascade Mosaic Meshmount Backsplash Tile

Cascade Medio Mosaic Meshmount 5mm

Cascade Grande

8mm Strips

Backsplash Cascade Mosiac Meshmount Tile

Cascade Grande Mosaic Meshmount 8mm

The waterfall of color presented in these marble limestone accent pieces can really bring a room to life. The stripe pattern in your desired thickness  (2.5mm, 5mm or 8mm) allows you to tie multiple colors in the design together to create harmony with your natural stone selection.

Cascade Marble Mosaic Backsplash

Cascade Marble Limestone Mosaic Meshmount Selection

All of our Authentic Durango Stone color options are found in the standard, random design, but you can always request a custom assortment in your preferred alternating tonalities. Attached to a mesh backing for easy installation, these 6″ x 11 and 3/4″ rectangles are ready to order now!


Cascade installed Natural Stone Bathroom Backsplash

2.5mm Cascade Mosaic Meshmount installed as a bathroom backsplash.

Specify these Cascade designs for the modern look in residential or commercial spaces that are calling for a touch of pizazz. Applications include stunning wall accent bands for showers, kitchen or bathroom backsplash designs and more.


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