Fireplace Mantels

Custom Travertine Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantle carved from Authentic Durango Veracruz.

The focal point of any living room design is the fireplace. Aside from creating a warm place to cozy up near in the winter months, choosing the right design for your fireplace is in fact a critical decision to the overall look and feel of the home.

Whether you are going for simple and comforting or intricate and ornate, the choice is yours, when you put your natural stone designs in the hands of true stone professionals. Allow us to share with you a few ideas and possibilities for your stone fireplace mantel designs.

While many people may think of this common architectural feature as a simple “hole in the wall”, the truth is that by creating a custom fireplace mantel you can make a bold design statement that reflects your style.

This is especially true when selecting the natural beauty of Authentic Durango Stone as the material to create a mantel piece to your specifications.


Rounded Hearth Stone Veracruz FIreplace

Hearth style marble limestone fireplace.

Some homeowners choose a subdued, yet elegant rounded mantel for their fireplace designs. This often extends to the surround in front of the fireplace as well.

In these cases, each curve is hand crafted from marble limestone block by our Stone Artisans, creating a rounded edge that perfectly compliments the relaxing crackle of a warm fire. Our Honed & Filled or Truly Tumbled products work wonderfully for these kinds of projects.



rustic custom stone Fireplace mantel

Veracruz Viejo Classic fireplace for a rustic look.


Many homeowners prefer a more angular design, with exact edges and dimensions. Our state of the art production facilities precision-cut each piece of stone for the fireplace mantel, allowing for easy and accurate installation.

The finished fireplace becomes a monument to excellence in natural stone As a result, this durable and beautiful material brings distinction for the life of the home.

The stone block that we pull from our quarries is more dense than any other marble limestone or travertine in the marketplace. This allows custom creations to be ordered with the assurity that the integrity of the design will hold up to use as a fireplace.


Blend Ledger Stone Fireplace edit

Fireplace design using rustic ledger stone.

Still other homeowners want to give their fireplace a rustic, cabin-like quality. For this we often recommend the use of our Ledger Stone or Split-Face tile selections.

The random length and rough exterior creates a one of a kind design that can’t be matched. Often mixed with natural wood to bring nature together in the home, these rustic fireplaces are always a treat to behold.




Ancient Veracruz Custom Fireplace

Custom Veracruz fireplace hood and columns.


Our most creative clients take advantage of our complimentary custom stone consultation to help plan out their dream fireplace designs. Starting from a sketch or a photograph, we can help you to create the finals plans that make your ideas a reality.

These homeowners often want to add columns, a carved hood or in one case, a slab waterfall feature that truly dazzled.

When it comes to true custom, with our custom factories and team of skilled professionals, the only limitation is your imagination. Click here to request a custom consultation with a Stone Expert today.


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beige honed and filled marble fireplace mantel

Custom Authentic Durango Stone fireplace mantels are a work of art.