Hexagonal Tile Design

A stylish natural stone flooring option.

Hexagon Tile Pattern Showroom 1 WebSometimes to create a truly original flooring design, you have to go back to basics.


Hexagonal tile design has recently come into vogue thanks to the geometric flair preferred by interior designers looking for a contemporary look.


Offered by most tile sellers as a smaller mosaic style installation for backsplashes or shower floors, the Authentic Durango Stone factories have taken the concept one step further by creating full sized tiles for any flooring application.



Request the Hexagonal cut with any of our colors and finishes.

Hexagon Tile Pattern Showroom 6 Web


Available only in porcelain from most tile sellers, the beauty of working direct with the factory producing tile for your Hexagonal tile design is that you can request the Hexagonal cut be applied to tiles featuring any of our luxury colors and finishes.


Hexagon Tile Pattern Showroom 5 WebThe images above show a 16x16 marble limestone tile given a hexagonal shape, however any dimension whether larger or smaller can be made to order to meet your flooring needs.

Applied as pool tile, the honeycomb design can add a unique visual style to your patio area.

The same exciting Hexagonal tile design can also be applied to walls for an ultra-modern look that will impress visiting guests.


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