Mosaic Meshmounts

Our Mosaic Meshmounts stone is stunning

We have over 25 separate patterns in our Mosaic Meshmount collection ready to go and ideal for making your stone designs shine.


Meshmount Line-Up WebThese intricately laid out patterns come in mesh-backed sheets for easy installation as backsplashes, shower pans, decorative accent pieces and more.


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The best part is that by working factory direct your options are unlimited. You can mix and match any color to make a custom pattern that ties the rest of your space together.



We call this the Bella Cantico option, but all you have to do is specify your desired colors and finishes with one of our Stone Experts, who will then send the instruction on to our factories.

Running Brick and Escolonado Meshmount Kitchen For Web

With so many patterns and sizes to choose from there’s no reason not to add one of these Mosaic Meshmount designs to your remodel or new build project.

Wave Meshmount Duo

Any space whether interior or exterior can benefit from the exciting patterns offered by the Mosaic Meshmount designs offered from our factories.

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