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There is no denying the impact of natural stone as part of an outdoor pool, patio or front entry design. Making an impression outdoors is easy to do when selecting Authentic Durango Stone pavers for your projects. Consider the value added to a home that features quality outdoor stone pavers and you’ll see why selecting the best makes a difference.

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Many homeowners and professionals specify our marble limestone tiles and pavers due to the fact that they are quarried from the same stone block.

This allows home builders and contractors to follow the contemporary home design trend of matching interior tile to the material outdoors.

Though all natural stone features color variations, the professionals at our factories carefully monitor our color range when selecting the tiles for your order.


custom pool stone paversGenerally Authentic Durango Stone pavers selected in our Truly Tumbled finish, which not only provides the timeless look of antiquity, but also creates a slip-resistant surface when installed around a pool.

Our lighter colors such as the Veracruz collection even stay cool with direct exposure to the sun in triple digit heat thanks to their unique geology.



travertine pavers rustic patioThe density of the stone we personally quarry, inspect and deliver to our factories means that you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of our pavers for the life of the home, without concerns of decay or damage with exposure to the elements.

Authentic Durango Stone is a “Forever Stone” and like the ancient royal structures built centuries ago, this marble limestone will endure.



Noche Bullnose Paver StoneThough standard thickness for our outdoor stone pavers is 3cm, due to the fact that we own the factories, you can request any thickness to match your project needs.

Common custom sizes in include 2cm, 4cm and even 5cm thicknesses. That’s the power of working factory direct.

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With so many colors to choose from we can surely help your outdoor projects impress, while adding real value to your property.

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