Partnering with Authentic Durango Stone as a tile supplier creates more profit for tile installers and our state of the art factory production actually simplifies the installation process.


Durability: The density of the marble limestone and travertine block we quarry to produce our tiles creates a durable, beautiful material that resists breakage. That means less waste to you on the job site and more profit in your pocket.

Consistent Dimensions: Our tiles are evenly calibrated on all sides to allow for smaller and more even grout joints.

Micro-Bevel: Every Honed or Polished tile that comes off our line contains a 1mm micro-bevel that removes sharp edges and brings greater comfort to the end user.

Vein Cut Living Room 2

Quality Difference: Authentic Durango Stone looks beautiful from the day of installation, so you’ll get a positive reaction from your client as soon as the job is done.

No Middleman: By dealing direct with our quarries and factories, you cut out the middleman and any mark-ups they add to the final price of the stone, making each sale more profitable to you.

No Selling: We’ll sell for you! You don’t have to be a stone expert, that’s our job. Simply bring your customers into our showroom and our professional staff will help them make a selection that works best for the project.

The bottom line is that we’re your partners in the stone business, everyone can benefit when we work together to meet the needs of the end user in providing the beauty of Authentic Durango Stone for their home.


“My clients like the look of your Authentic Durango Veracruz tile in their home so much that they’ve added it to the design of another room!”


Custom Home Builder, Senseman Fine Homes

“I dig the micro-bevel. I love setting Authentic Durango Stone tile!”



“Our bath remodeling business has been increasing with the Authentic Durango Stone products. Our customers love the quality and selections. We just closed 2 more. Thank You.”


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