Split-Face Stone

Natural stone cladding for elegant spaces.

Our marble limestone  is the premiere choice of the architecture and design community for the durability and reliable quality offered exclusively with Authentic Durango Stone.




If your looking to highlight the natural appearance of your marble limestone while still maintaining an elegant atmosphere, you’ll want to include our Split-Face stone as part of your remodel or new build project today.

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Split-Face Limestone exterior wall cladding

Veracruz Classic Split-Face Exterior Wall Cladding.

This natural stone format accentuates the rich textures of our marble limestone and makes it a great choice for outdoor cladding applications on the walls of shopping centers and high-end custom homes.

Used for a rugged fireplace or backsplash, the stone brings the same pleasing texture and distinction upon installation.

split-face stone Wall

Veracruz Classic Split-face exterior stone half-wall cladding installation.

Whether for commercial or residential projects, Split-Face is the right selection for your residential and commercial projects.

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