Natural Stone Care and Repairs

Tips to keep your tile looking fabulous
While we always recommend that you hire a professional take care of your stone care and repairs, some fairly common natural tile maintenance procedures can be handled by most homeowners. Scroll down for these helpful tips.



One of the wonderful benefits of installing Authentic Durango Stone honed and filled marble limestone and travertine tiles is that they are easy to live with, easy to maintain, and easy for the end user to repair when tiles experience minor damage in the normal course of daily living. It is not a technical process. It is simple!

Click here to download a printable version of these instructions or click the image below.

Tile Scratch Repair Stone Care Packet

Click here for a guide to repairing scratched tile.

If a honed tile is lightly scratched: you may hand-sand away the scratch by applying hand pressure in circular motions with pre-wetted 400-grit or 220-grit wet-dry (black colored) sanding paper and copious amounts of plain tap water.

1)      Wet the surface with a puddle of water in the area of the scratch.

2)      Wet the sanding paper, and move it in the palm of your hand, flat, over the scratch in circular motions, keeping the area quite wet. Apply even pressure while sanding.

3)      When you are satisfied that the scratch is no longer visible, stop, dry the area, and re-seal with a high quality impregnating sealer, which may be purchased directly from World Wide Stone Corporation or locally from your distributor.

If a honed tile is deeply scratched or gouged: you may be able to repair the gouge by filling it with appropriate materials: high quality, color-matching cementitious grout, both sanded and un-sanded, available locally in your area. Simply follow the procedure for a Subterranean Void Repair in the video below or downloadable instruction packet.

Repairs Of Subterranean Voids

Often misunderstood as the fill popping out of the stone, the appearance of these voids is not abnormal or a defect, but rather a part of the natural reality of a stone products. With our instructional tools you’ll learn how to easily repair subterranean voids hiding just under the factory-finish of a natural stone tile such as Authentic Durango Stone marble limestone or travertine.

Subterranean Void Tile Stone Care Repair

Click for a guide to repairing subterranean voids.

Click here or the image to view or download the instruction PDF packet.

For instructions on how to maintain and clean your marble limestone and travertine flooring to provide years of beauty click this link.

Tile Sealing and Maintenance

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