Custom Stone Countertop Edge Profiles

The finishing touch for your natural stone design.

Creating the perfect bathroom and kitchen countertop design is so much more than simply finding the right slab color and finish. When the final install takes place the most impressive feature of your new surface is going to be the angles added to the outer edges.

Edge Profiles Trio

If you prefer the simplicity of a standard eased design, you’ll find that from any supplier. With Authentic Durango Stone, we provide the distinction you want for your home projects with complete custom edge options.


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natural stone countertop edge treatment commercial kitchen

Beautiful marble limestone kitchen island countertop.

When you work direct with the World Wide Stone Corporation custom factories, you’ll have the freedom to request any edge profile that best fits the look and feel of your project.


If you prefer the modern look of straight edges we’ll provide it for you with precision cut angles provided by state of the art machinery operated by stone professionals.



natural stone paver with Ogee Edge

Any custom edge treatment can be specified for your stone projects.

For those spaces that require a more classical, rounded look we gladly offer a bullnose edge in a standard or stepped variety.


For a kitchen island design you can add your preferred  profile edge to  1 side or all 4, the choice is yours.


Adding the distinct curves of an Ogee edge is another way to make an impression on visiting guests.


Split Face Edge Countertop

Custom kitchen countertop with Split-Face edge detail.

If your project calls for a more rustic attitude, we’ve got you covered there too.


Imagine the rugged look of natural stone with a split-face edge applied to a slab of tumbled marble limestone that places the natural beauty on display in a truly unique manner.


Let you’re imagination guide the process to bring every desired idea to life in your space.

Custom Kitchen Counter Top

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Our Stone Experts are ready to assist you in selecting and creating the custom stone countertop edge profiles that will bring lasting enjoyment for years to come. Call 602-438-1001 today to discuss the details of your project or click here to submit your request via e-mail.




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