stone tile flooring patterns

Click here to view or  download the most popular natural stone tile patterns being used for Authentic Durango Stone projects.


These design ideas are a visually stimulating option for interior designers, architects and homeowners looking to give their space something special through the beauty of natural stone tile patterns.


With this reference guide you’ll be able to take your project to the next level by selecting the ideal layout for your marble limestone tile.


You can even create your own pattern and we’ll cut your tiles to your custom sizes. That’s one of the perks of working factory direct with the source of your tile and stone, getting it your way, always.



AncientFlooring Dining RoomWhat difference can a natural stone tile pattern make in your flooring design?


When you select the elegance of Authentic Durango Stone marble limestone tiles, you want an intricate pattern to match and accentuate the beauty of the stone.


A standard grid pattern just doesn’t have the same effect as the Opus Romano, commonly referred to as a Versailles pattern.


Combining various sizes of tile creates a visually engaging space to be enjoyed by all who experience it.

The possibilities are endless with the factory direct power of  the World Wide Stone Corporation. So call our stone experts today at 602-438-1001 or click here to request a quote now.




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