Stone Tile Medallions

Beautiful flooring mosaics in natural stone

Adding natural stone tile medallions to your tile flooring design creates the look of opulence found in many high-end luxury homes. Often installed in entryways, medallions are a popular choice for homes that call for a touch of elegance.


Noche Travertine Stone Tile Medallion

Intricate custom marble limestone mosaic medallion floor tile design.

Descending Staircase Entryway Medallion

Luxurious marble limestone tile medallion on a custom stair landing.


Medallions are sometimes composed of mosaic tile designs which are created by applying various colors and sizes of marble limestone to a section of flooring, often in a circular pattern.

The mix of rich natural stone colors impresses all who visit the residential or commercial space, by showing the care that went into the conception of the flooring.

Authentic Durango Stone is often used to create absolutely stunning medallions, which benefit greatly from the dense nature of the stone itself.

Our marble limestone selections can hold up to being cut into smaller pieces to be used in intricate patterns, because we start our production process by selecting only the most dense and durable block to create our tiles.


natural stone floor tile medallion

Fabulous stone tile medallion design.


The custom stone artisans at our factories have decades of experience in creating impressive medallions and mosaics, so when you place your order you can have peace of mind that it will come out exactly as you imagined.

If you don’t have detailed plans and dimensions, that’s no problem, our Custom Stone Consulting Team will work from your photos or sketches to create a plan for our factory team to follow.

Call 602-438-1001 today to speak with our team of Stone Experts and get started on creating a medallion your home can wear like a badge of honor.

Authentic Durango Stone is always the best choice for you tile and stone projects, we look forward to serving you.

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