Veracruz Classic Tile Selection

Versatile Marble Limestone Tile

Veracruz Classic Tile Selection


Our Veracruz Classic selection allows you to get the beauty of our marble limestone in 3 impressive styles. Cut from the same block as our premium Veracruz, these beautiful beige tiles create an elegant look and feel for your indoor or outdoor projects.

Vintage Vein-Cut Planks

Classic SawCutNEW! This exciting, modern natural stone tile delivers the trending grey tones which are rapidly becoming the preferred tonality in contemporary design.

The raw finish represents the look of stone tiles and planks cut directly from block arriving fresh from the quarry. This is the look of the future.

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Veracruz Classic Honed and Unfilled

Classic Honed Unfilled 3NEW! This exciting marble limestone finish combines the beautiful smooth surface provided by our state of the art honing process, with the rustic elegance of natural stone surface voids.

This finish has been selected for multi-million dollar custom homes by architects and designers who want to showcase the true beauty of natural stone on walls, flooring and more.

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Veracruz Classic Vein-Cut Honed and Filled

ClassicTile1For projects calling for a contemporary tile that fits any design need, there’s no better value than Veracruz Classic Vein-Cut honed and filled marble limestone.

With prominent, linear veining present in natural stones, this selection features a color-blending fill to create achieve the modern look which has become so popular.

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Veracruz Classic Honed and Filled

Classic HFThis warm beige toned material features the distinct beauty of Caliche inclusions that form naturally in the stone block.

Produced with cement fill or resin-fill, Veracruz Classic Honed and Filled tile is a wonderful option for flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, livings rooms and more.

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Veracruz Viejo Classic Truly Tumbled

Viejo Detail 1 editIf you desire the rustic look of natural stone for your pool or patio project, Veracruz Viejo Classic is a cost effective solution that provides lasting satisfaction.

This ancient marble limestone features our Truly Tumbled finish which actually applies 300 years of wear to tile, producing a slip-resistant surface that is ideal for areas that may get wet. This material has also proven to stay cool in triple digit heat produced by direct sunlight.

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