Sample Boards AngleBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you want to move product, you’ve got to show it, to sell it!

You can make more money by providing your customers with the world’s finest marble limestone tile display racks. Our team is experienced in assisting showroom managers to create beautiful displays to stimulate sales in your showroom.

Waterfall racks are a simple, easy way of having a complete, yet manageable beginning. These boards are also fully customizable to include the stones you want to display with a look that fits your current showroom set-up.

If you prefer, our team will even include your company logo and branding on the rack and display boards, for a small printing fee.

To help you maximize your display board installations, our team provides telephone support and in-house training on the best methods to make the sale with Authentic Durango Stone.

To learn more about how you can begin displaying Authentic Durango Stone in your showroom call 602-438-1001 today!


Remember all of these display rack boards and backers below can be branded with your company name, corporate logo and contact information.


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Authentic Durango Stone values its authorized dealers and distributors throughout the world and we wish to give you the edge in presenting Authentic Durango Stone to your clients. For this reason we have worked countless hours to create display rack options that best suit the needs of your showroom and sales team.

Our brand new and completely upgraded display rack series is beautiful. The front features easy to present stone samples, while the back includes all the product   specifications and complementary items. Proper use of these boards can lead you to increase your sales and have greater customer satisfaction.