Tile Finishes

Elegant finishes for quality natural stone.

We offer 5 different tile finishes to give you a full range of options when designing your natural stone project project. Each finish has it’s own separate production line process at our state of the art factories in Durango, Mexico and each provides a distinct look for the space where it is installed. You can always request a custom combination of any of our tile finishes to create a truly unique appearance for your stone, that’s the power of working direct with the quarrier and producer of Authentic Durango Stone.

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 Honed and Resin-Filled Finish

Our premium Authentic Durango Stone Honed and Resin-Filled tiles have a difference you can see and feel. We use resin to fill our tiles because it takes the same finish as the stone and resists discoloration you are likely to see in lower quality, cement-filled tiles. The resin-fill is also matched to the color of the stone, creating a nearly seamless surface and appearance.

Our triple honing process makes the stone tile surface easier to clean over time. This is because the procedure actually closes the microscopic pores present in all marble limestones and travertines where dirt collects. When properly sealed, tiles featuring this finish will resist the formation of traffic patterns and stay beautiful for the life of the home.

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 Ancient or Truly Tumbled Finish

A proprietary process developed in our factories that actually applies 200 years of wear to the surface of the stone, our Truly Tumbled or Ancient finish is the gateway to rustic elegance. Authentic Durango Stone tiles featuring this look have a visually rough look but a texture that is smooth to the touch.

Ideal for bathroom and pool installations where the surface may become wet, Truly Tumbled tiles are slip-resistant as well as beautiful. The lighter shades of our Ancient marble limestone actually stay cool to the touch in direct sunlight, even when temperatures reach triple digits! Selecting this finish for your indoor or outdoor projects is a wise choice.

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 Polished and Resin-Filled Finish

For a mirror like effect that catches the light beautifully from all angles, our Polished and Resin-Filled tiles are a stunning addition to the most elegant natural stone designs. The high luster polish applied to our marble limestone and travertine products is handled by machines in our factories to create a consistent polish across every tile.

The resin-fill applied is color matched to the tonality of the stone and takes on the same polish for a smooth surface that provides a visual delight to all that enter the space.

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 Brushed and Resin-Filled 

For a unique visual and tactile texture, there is nothing quite like our Brushed and Resin-Filled finish, often referred to as a “Leather” finish. This stone is produced to the high quality standards of the rest of our Authentic Durango Stone line, but a diamond wire brush runs across the finished face of the tile to create a look and feel that is most equivalent to shoe leather.

The mix of a smooth, honed surface and slightly rustic texture makes Brushed and Resin-Filled marble limestone and travertine the choice for the design conscious among us.

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 Ancient Brushed 

For those seeking the rustic look of our ancient travertine tiles, but wanting to add an extra bit of spice to the experience, we recommend the Ancient Brushed finish. Truly Tumbled through our proprietary process that adds 300 years of wear to the tile, a diamond wire brush is then applied to the stone surface during production which provides a leather-like finish that is rougher to the touch, but still provides a comfortable surface for bare feet.

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