Vein-Cut Tile

Contemporary stone design selection.

Vein Cut Tile

For modern tile and stone designs, Authentic Durango Stone Vein Cut tile is the most popular selection we offer.


vein-cut veracruz travertine floor tile

An opulent lobby design with Authentic Durango Veracruz Vein-Cut tile.

Interior Designers, Architects and Custom Home Builders regularly specify this contemporary marble limestone for their projects due to it’s unique look.


Vein Cut Custom Kitchen Tile

Beautiful custom kitchen featuring Vein-Cut marble limestone tile.

The natural veining is made more prominent by the direction which the stone block is cut at our factories.


By producing the stone this way, we create tiles that take on the appearance of wood grain that adds a linear, open feel to a space.


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modern tile Vein Cut Dining Room flooring

An modern open dining room design featuring Authentic Durango Veracruz Vein-Cut tile.

Vein-Cut tiles are available in our Veracruz, Noche, Autumn or Classic color selections and are can be produced with any finish requested.


You can also specify any dimension, our larger plank tiles are very much in demand.


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Vein-Cut tile Selection

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